Brondir Vog Krausen

Dwarf artificer with a big gun and a bigger ego


Born in to the Krausen family of artificers, Brondir was trained from a young age to carry on his family craft. In his adolescence, he was sent to the Semperauran Academy for Thaumaturgy and the Natural Sciences, where he met his archrival Princess Drusilla Stagg Crosoy. He graduate at the top of his class – tied with Princess Drusilla for valedictorian.

After graduating, Brondir moved in to his family’s merchant compound in Semperaura. There, he and his father, Vog Norrid Krasuen, developed the first prototype thunder cannon. Despite backlash from the more traditional members of the Krausen family, the weapon was a huge success in early trials. After winning a bid to mass produce the weapon for the Semperauran army, Vog was killed in a mysterious laboratory accident. Since then, Brondir has continued the project on his own.

Brondir still maintains a childhood crush on Riona Sterling, the famous dwarven folk hero.

Brondir Vog Krausen

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